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Wire Instructions

Wire Transfer Instructions

Domestic Incoming Wires:   (Wires must include both the Intermediary Bank and the Beneficiary Bank information)

Intermediary Bank:
ABA #: 075912479
Bank Name: Bankers’ Bank
Bank Address: 7700 Mineral Point Road, Madison WI

Beneficiary Bank:
ABA # 073904751
Bank Name: Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Company
Bank Address: 206 1st St SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314

Customers Name: ______
Account Number: ______
Address: _____________


International Incoming Wires:  (These instructions are for incoming U.S. Dollars, USD, only)

SWIFT Field 56/Fed Field 4000 - Intermediary/Recieving Bank
ABA Number: 075912479
Bank Name: Bankers Bank
Bank Address: 7700 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI. 53717 USA
Swift Field 57/Fed Field 4100 - Beneficiary Bank
Bank Account Number or ABA Number 073904751
Bank Name: Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Company
Bank Address: 206 First ST SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
Swift Field 59/Fed Field 4200- Beneficiary
Beneficiary Name: _____
Beneficiary Address: _____
Beneficiary Account Number:  BBWI73904751___________(insert customer 7 digit account number here).

Outgoing Wires:

To send an outgoing wire you must come into the bank to sign an outgoing wire form.  You will need to have the wiring instructions from the receiving bank and/or beneficiary.  You will also need the addresses for the receiving bank and the beneficiary.


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