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If your card is LOST or STOLEN during non-business hours please call (800)383-8000 or contact us (319) 895-8835 during regular business hours.

Digging through your wallet for cash or writing a check can be a hassle when you want to make a quick purchase. The MasterCard ® debit card from Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Company is a simple solution for making quick purchases as well as requesting cash back on purchases and getting cash at ATMs around the world.

And the best part is that you can totally customize your card! You can choose from the basic orange design, a photo ID, 2x2 picture or a fully customized MyPic Debit Card. You also get the protection of Shazam Falcon Fraud protection, which you can learn more about here.

MyPic Debit Card

Before selecting a MyPic Debit Card, please read through these Frequently Asked Questions and image guidelines found here, as well as the Terms and Conditions found here. It's your responsibility to print a copy of the agreement for your records. When you’re ready, you can begin designing your card!

Mustangs Card
Lions Card


When suspicious card activity occurs, nobody is better quipped to handle the case than you. After all, you know what you've purchased, and you can spot an illegitimate purchase instantly. BRELLA is a free mobile app that lets you track all your Mount Vernon Bank Debit Card transactions.

You can automatically receive email alerts 24/7 whenever a debit card purachse is made where your card is not present, such as telephone or Internet orders. You're also notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, including purchases for large amounts or transactions in foreign countries. You'll know right away whether the purchases are you can call immediately and put a stop to any fraud!

Download the free BRELLA app from your smartphone's app store today.


SHAZAM'S MasterCard® SecureCode™

One of the great things about shopping online is the extra time it gives you to enjoy life offline. SecureCode™ is a service that helps protect MasterCard® card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between an individual cardholder and his or her financial institution.

Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Company, in conjunction with SHAZAM, is providing this service to you to improve the security of payment transactions in the electronic commerce environment. Once you activate SecureCode™, your card cannot be used at a participating Internet merchant without authentication by an authorized user of your account.

SecureCode™ is easy to use. When SecureCode™ MasterCards are used for an Internet purchase at a participating merchant, a window display requests your password - similar to using a PIN during a face-to-face transaction. After you enter your password, the information is authenticated and then the transaction is submitted to your financial institution for authorization.

If you have any questions about how to create or use your SecureCode, please call us at (319) 895-8835 for more information.

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