Types of Auto Loans

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We understand choosing a new car can be a bit overwhelming. In addition to all the vehicle choices, there are just as many ways to pay for a car: cash, trade-in, car loan, or a combination thereof.  If you buy an older car, or buy a car from a private party your options can diminish; in some cases you may pay a higher interest rate than advertised.

Don't let financing a vehicle take away from the excitement of buying a new car. Let us go over a few different ways you can pay for your next car, and help you walk on the car lot better prepared.


Mount Vernon Bank & Trust Auto Loans

Contact one of our lending specialists and let us guide you to an auto financing solution that is right for you. We can also pre-approve you for a loan before you hit the car lot knowing exactly what you can afford. Here we have outlined just a few different options for financing a car.

Few types of car loans